Smoky Nutmeg Fudge

Smoky Nutmeg Fudge


Smoky Nutmeg Fudge Bar

  • raw, stone-ground almond butter fuge chocolate bar

  • 65% dark German Chocolate

  • smoky caramel notes from nutritious mesquite powder
  • crunchy cacao nibs inside
  • with nutmeg & real vanilla bean

  • less than 12g sugar/bar

  • 1.8oz (50g)

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This bar is so good, you just want to savor it all the time. Don't stop eating, because it's actually good for you, and so yummy, too. Its fudgy, yet snappy consistency with crunchy cacao nib surprises is super fun and indulgent for your mouth and all senses and will melt right on your tongue. You don't know yet, what you've been missing! Have it!

Cacao beans* (stone ground), cacao butter*, coconut nectar*, cacao nibs*, almond butter* (stone ground), mesquite*, nutmeg*, vanilla bean*, pink himalayan salt. (*organic & raw) Contains almonds and may contain traces of cashews and coconut.

Nutrition facts
Serving size 13g (4 servings per bar) Calories 77 kcal  Total fat 5.8 g Saturated fat 3.1 g Trans fat 0 g Cholesterol 0 mg Sodium 2.9 mg  Total carbohydrate 5.1 g Dietary fiber 1.3 g Sugars 2.8 g  Protein 1 g