Velvet Truffle Cream

Velvet Truffle Cream


Velvet Truffle Cream - Artisan Vegan Cashew Butter Spread with Maca & Cacao Beans

  • creamy stone-ground cashew butter
  • better than nutella!

  • real chocolate from raw cacao beans

  • healthy sweetener (coconut sugar & coconut nectar)
  • high in protein (32g protein/jar)
  • healthy fats (raw cacao butter - palm oil free!!!)
  • with real vanilla bean

  • only 2g sugar per Tbsp (10g)

  • JAR: 10oz (283g)

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Better than nutella! 
Eat it by the spoon! Use as chocolate spread!

We're beyond excited and happy to present you with the worlds most addictively delicious chocolate cream!

Try this amazingly delicious cashew butter chocolate spread.

It's dairy free, vegan, made with organic ingredients and lots of love. It's so delicious, we like to just eat it with a spoon! It is great on toast, baguette, pancakes, ice cream, ... - you name it!

We only use good fats (raw cacao butter), so when it gets colder the spread solidifies a little more, almost into a fudge brownie nut crumble something! We recommend you store it at room temperature to keep it nice, creamy and smooth.

Upgrade your coffee! Make a chocolate mocha latté!

Blend 1 tablespoon of Velvet Truffle Cream with your coffee to make a chocolate mocha latte.
Get healthy fats from raw cacao butter, protein from maca & cashews, magnesium and antioxidants from raw cacao beans and a mood and energy boost thanks to maca, cacao and vanilla bean! 

(For all those ever wondering, "Does it taste like coconut?". The answer is, "Nope, not one bit!". Yay!)

Cashew Butter* (stone-ground), Cacao Beans* (stone-ground), Cacao Butter*, Coconut Blossom Sugar (organic), Coconut Nectar*, Maca*, Vanilla Bean*, Pink Himalayan Salt. *Organic & raw. Contains cashews and may contain traces of almonds and coconut.