10 Bars/Month (3 month subscription)

10 Bars/Month (3 month subscription)


It's Chocolate Season!

  • Get your favorite 10 Hopf Chocolate Bars delivered every month, for 3 months.

  • A total of 30 bars.

  • Pick your flavors!

  • Save 10%!

  • Only pay shipping with your initial order. Get 2 months of FREE shipping (SAVE an additional $19.98)!

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Change of  Seasons, Change of Habits!

Chocolate Season is a great gift to yourself and/or your loved ones! It's a statement for healthy eating, caring about what goes into your body and how it makes you feel. For 3 months, experience Hopf Chocolate making you feel great, while leaving you full of energy with your sweet tooth satisfied and your conscience pure!

Leaving unhealthy sweets behind! You won't look back!